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Enhancing Belize Through Art

The Belize Pantheon Fantastic Foundation was incorporated in Belize by Harold A. Young with the goal of propelling all art forms in Belize to the highest levels. We facilitates projects that use any art discipline to bring hope and inspiration to those who could use a helping hand. While primarily focused on youth, the Foundation features and promotes all artist. Whether it’s developing our own project ideas or assisting other organizations with theirs, we are a resource to help make it happen.

Some Of Our Objectives:

  1. Organize events to support all art forms.
  2. To increase the visibility of youth artists
  3. To increase access to resources that promote all art forms.
  4. To collaborate with willing individuals, and public and private institutions.

Each year, a patron partners with Harold A. Young, a Belizean Author and founder of the Belize Pantheon Fantastic Foundation, to breathe new life into Belizean culture. This initiative varies in artform from year to year and is a competition aimed at young artists ages 15-35. It’s goal is to engage our future generations in Belizean folklore and mythology while highlighting our unique environment.

Each year, the major event culminates on Earth Day which is recognized as a global annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April. Central to our events is empowering individuals, especially our young people, with the information and tools required to bring individuals and communities together to celebrate life through art.

what we do

Inspire Artists & Strengthen Belizean Identity


Donate or become a sponsor for one of our events and help our young artist enrichen our Belizean Identity

Why Serve Through The Arts?

Chances are we have all been touched by some form of the arts. Whether by passing a mural on a busy street, hearing drumming, dancing at home or at our favorite venue, singing in the shower, sitting for hours creating something meaningful, carving, or painting, writing we can’t deny that the arts makes a special part of us spring to life and soar. They remind us that we’re human, that we’re connected to something greater than ourselves. They help us understand what is happening inside of us. We use the arts because, for some situations, it’s the best tool we have for expression and communication. While people sometimes wear thin, some form of art work will give us hope, comfort, and pleasure 24/7.

Whether we are eating or just entering a building or playing outdoors, the artwork around us can set the tone for the whole environment. It can cause us to think about beautiful things, noble things, hopeful things, things that are true, that are admirable, that touch our spirits. We intuitively feel the arts calm our worry and shift our consciousness to experience sincere enjoyment. They can remind us that we are part of a community, not alone, that each day offers new hope, that beauty resides in each of us, that what we carry inside is far more important than first meets the eyes of others, that suffering can lead to victory, along with a thousand other truths that give us hope. The arts have a unique ability to naturally bring people together from all walks of life. Serving and participating through the arts is nothing more than the true meaning of community. What could be simpler than that?

Who are those “most in need”?

Although we never know who we will inspire or provide a ray of hope, let us strive to touch and involve the most vulnerable in our communities.

This includes, at risk youth, people with intellectual disabilities, sex traffic victims, people with addictions, children suffering from physical illness, people with physical disabilities, the homeless, domestic abuse victims, the lonely, people living with psychosis, low-income families, foster children, and many others.

What Are The Arts?


Fashion Design


Graphic Design

Cinematic Arts


Landscape Design


Architectural Design


Interior Design

Culinary Arts

Literary Arts



Floral Designs


Wood Working

Furniture Design

And Much More!


We'd Love to Collaborate

If you're a senior creator and would like to partner with us on a project, we'd love to hear from you!

We're also always looking for volunteers to help us with our initiatives including:

Organizing And Carrying Out Events

Giving Lectures and Tutorials

Offerring Mentorship

And much more!