A Continuation Of

Belizean Folklore

Our foundation’s name is the Belize Pantheon Fantastic, but it also refers to the collection of works produced by Belizean artists during our events, partnerships, collaborations, and programs. The Belize Pantheon Fantastic Collection belongs to all Belizeans and aims to serve as a continuation of the rich Belizean Folklore which already exists today.

We welcome you to explore them here on this page!

If you’d like to add to the collection but are unable to participate in our events or programs, we encourage you to submit your works online to the Pantheon Collection here. Otherwise, you can look out for our main Pantheon Fantastic annual event which culminates each year on Earth Day, April 22nd where you can participate, receive mentorship, collaborate with other artists, and win great prizes. Check out our events page to see the latest in what’s available.